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8 week recovery group

Experience the healing and increased joy that recovery brings.


Your Feelings are Normal and Natural!

People say you have to let go and move on, but how do you do that?

This 8-week action program, created by The Grief Recovery Institute, guides you through completing unresolved grief and provides life skill tools you will use everyday.

You can fully engage life while honoring your memories, enhance your relationships and improve your health.


Time Alone Does Not Heal!


Whether your pain is decades old or recent, we can help.


  • Death

  • Divorce

  • Disease

  • Anticipated Grief

  • Career

  • Violation of Trust

  • Trauma

  • 40+ Other Losses



Sunday October 13th - Sunday December 1st

6:30pm - 8:30pm


THE pearl modern spa + boutique

8171 maple lawn blvd, suite 100

fulton, md 20759


$295.00, includes program fee and all materials



Can I just do one session?

Good question! It’s not a drop in group. The action program is 8 different in-person group sessions leading towards Grief Recovery. The 8-week group format meets from 6:30 - 8:30 at THE pearl spa.

Can I attend this program with a partner, friend, or family member?

Yes.  We also encourage each of you to have your own experience.  There will be times where we will be breaking up into groups of two and encourage people to partner with people that are new to them.


How do I know if I am ready to recover from my grief?

There is a myth circulating that you must wait before you begin to recover from your losses. That myth is FALSE! You know you are ready if:

1. You are at a place in your grief that you can read and concentrate

2. You sign up.

The program seems like it is what I have been searching for, but I'm already committed on one of the meeting dates. Is it okay to miss a class?

Life happens. We understand that schedules and last minute events may prevent you from attending all 8 classes. In order to ensure that you get the most out of this program, however, we suggest you miss no more than 2 classes. 

How do I sign up? How do I pay?

You can register for the 8-week Grief Recovery Method Group here. We accept cash, check and Venmo, which is due at the first session. Please contact us for any questions about payment.


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