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7 week individual program

Experience the healing and increased joy that recovery brings.


Just You And I.

With the Grief Recovery Method Individual Program, we will work together to uncover areas of incompleteness in your losses and take safe and effective steps to discharge them. Freeing yourself from the prison of unaddressed sorrow, guilt and anger will enable you to move forward in your life with a sense of wholeness and the ability to make healthy and meaningful choices going forward.

You may have experienced the recent loss of loved one or you may be dealing with issues from a decades-old divorce. You may be coping with the loss of your health or your job. You may be facing an empty nest or a crisis of faith. You may be a victim of abuse or other crime. There is no timeline for loss. Your loss may have occurred in childhood or last week.

Like most people, you are probably dealing with an accumulation of losses - some big and some much smaller. The Grief Recovery Method will help you address them all. You may have come to rely on substances or other unhealthy behaviors which in turn have created more loss. Your self esteem and self image may have suffered.

We all experiences loss but rarely do we have the opportunity and guidance to make emotional "sense" of them. The Grief Recovery Method provides both that opportunity and that guidance.

This is a tried and true program that has helped many thousands of people almost 40 years.


Individual sessions are scheduled on an as available basis Monday - Thursday. Sessions last approximately 90 minutes.


THE pearl modern spa + boutique

8171 maple lawn blvd, suite 100

fulton, md 20759


$695.00, includes program fee and all materials



Can I just do one session?

Good question! Recovery can only be achieved by committing to the entire  program. The action based program is 7 different in-person individual sessions leading towards Grief Recovery. 

Can I attend this program with a partner, friend, or family member?

While our 8 week group format is perfect to attend with a friend or family member, the individual program is designed to meet the needs one on one. 


How do I know if I am ready to recover from my grief?

There is a myth circulating that you must wait before you begin to recover from your losses. That myth is FALSE! You know you are ready if:

1. You are at a place in your grief that you can read and concentrate

2. You sign up.

The program seems like it is what I have been searching for, but I'm already committed on one of the meeting dates. Is it okay to miss a class?

Life happens. We understand that schedules and last minute events may prevent you from attending all 7 sessions consecutively. In order to ensure that you get the most out of this program, however, we suggest you miss no more than 2 sessions during the 7 week period. 

How do I sign up? How do I pay?

You can register for the 7-week Grief Recovery Method  here. We accept cash, check and Venmo, which is due at the first session. Please contact us for any questions about payment.

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