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Kassi + Nancy

Our friendship started under the least desirable of circumstances. We both had our hearts broken into pieces -  we both had suffered the indescribable loss of a child. When we met nearly 3 years ago, my son had just died. Nancy shared in my grief and gave me the wisdom that she was never fortunate enough to obtain upon losing her son 7 years prior. She warned me that people, with the best of intentions, will attempt to provide you with inaccurate and false advice. "Give it Time", "Keep Moving", and our favorite "I Know How You Feel" are just a few of the many myths that non-grievers use as an attempt to help. 

But they don't.

I began my journey towards recovering from grief fairly early after the death of my son. The first thing that I realized was this, my greatest loss brought the many other losses that I neglected and ignored right back into the forefront of my mind. On the other end, Nancy, who had been in a state of grief much longer than I, began to take note of the physical and emotional consequences of not properly dealing with loss. Together, we began to realize that we were on to something big.

It was all connected.

We wondered what we could do to truly help set us free from the suffering. Countless books, well meaning groups and even therapy never seemed to take the heartache away. We silently wondered if this was just the way our new lives were meant to be.

Then we found "it".

When I discovered the Grief Recovery Method, I knew just by the program name alone that it was the answer I had been searching for. At the time of my discovery, my life was in the middle of a huge transition, so I had to wait. Exactly one year later I signed up, not just for the program but to become a certificated Grief Recovery Specialist. I shared my excitement with Nancy and without hesitation, she signed up too. 

It was life changing.

This course changed our lives in more ways than I have the ability to describe. Completing this program is, to us, the equivalent of losing 1,000 pounds. Our hearts felt lighter,they almost felt whole again. Our capacity for love and joy are returning and are authentic. Our minds have become free from the burdens of unmet hopes, dreams and expectations. 


We are honored to be able to share this life changing program with you. We will create the safe and sacred place for you to do your deepest heart work. Let us share this journey with you. 

From Our Hearts To Yours,

Kassi + Nancy

Image by Jennifer Burk
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